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An infrared sauna elicits the same effects as a traditional sauna. However, because less overall heat is needed, it allows for more comfortable breathing and a more enjoyable atmosphere inside the sauna. Equipped with special infrared heaters that use a much milder temperature environment of between 50 to 65 degrees Celsius, the infrared heat waves reach the body directly without having to heat the intervening air inside the sauna. Your skin absorbs this wavelength, causing your body’s temperature to rise. And, because the heat of infrared sauna travels much deeper into the body, it is able to cause a more vigorous sweat at lower temperature.


The benefits of infrared therapy have been extensively researched for over 40 years. While the practice of sauna usage dates back before the 16th century, an infrared sauna now provides the same health and beauty benefits, with a more comfortable and relaxing environment. From pain relief to beauty indulgences, feel the power of infrared sauna benefits.

Detoxification & Weight Loss

Our bodies are exposed to toxic substances everyday. They are in the food we eat and the air we breathe, and expelling them is our only way to maintain our body’s health. Sweating is one of the ways our body removes toxins. Infrared sauna sessions are an effective, relaxing way to sweat out toxins, removing more toxins than traditional saunas.

No time to exercise? Injuries limit your exercise ability? Depending on the length of your session and your preferred temperature, you can burn up to 1500 calories or more per week. Proper weight maintenance and blood circulation, like exercise, is possible with a Health Mate sauna, ensuring your body gets the valuable benefits it needs to stay healthy.

Fights Illness

Feeling like you’re coming down with something? Sauna sessions can help boost your immune system, helping you recover from viruses like the common cold and flu quicker, saving you sick days, and getting you to optimal health. Infrared therapy can also help a variety of other illnesses, including:

• Hypertension
• Cancer
• Chronic Heart Failure
• Gastrointestinal issues
• Acne & blemishes
• Allergies
• Cellulite
• Eczema
• Healing & pain relief

The therapeutic benefits of a Health Mate infrared sauna include healing and pain relief from numerous ailments, including:

• Fibromyalgia
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Muscle Spasms
• Back Pain
• Whiplash
• Menstrual Pain
• Insomnia

The infrared heat focuses on your body directly, targeting your muscles and joints, relaxing them, and providing pain relief, increasing mobility of sore and tired muscles, and helping your body recover from injury and pain in less time.

Mental Health

If you find your mood changing negatively with the seasons, or need a haven to relax and take care of yourself, a Health Mate infrared sauna might be what you are looking for. Infrared therapy can help fight depression, and with our additional Chromotherapy lighting, you can use lighting to gain a better outlook, and focus on your needs as you relax in a therapeutic sauna session. Personal time is hard to come by, as our schedules demand so much of us. Take care of yourself, and your whole family, by investing in you.


Chromotherapy, or Colour Light Therapy, is the use of coloured lights to stimulate the senses, the body, and the mind. The spectrum of colour usage is endless, with its ability to elevate moods, produce soothing mindsets, stimulate cell regeneration, and help in healing.

  • The colour red as passion is not just a cultural association. Red light has been shown to enhance libido and increase energy. Additionally, red activates collagen cells and helps stimulate skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It energizes organs and promotes faster healing when used in conjunction with infrared therapy.

  • Orange light therapy is traditionally used to stimulate mental activity and induce cheerful emotions. Orange hues can increase energy levels and improve a person’s mood.

  • Yellow colour light therapy can be used to help a person feel spiritually grounded while maintaining a positive outlook. It may help individuals feel more optimistic and lighthearted.

  • We depend on the colour green to feel calm. Individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues” may consider using green to restore a sense of vividness.

  • Used in colour therapy to ease symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression, some research shows blue cools down inflammation, lowers fevers, helps high blood pressure, and relieves migraines. Other research has shown blue is effective in reducing acne because the blue lights kill bacteria which is a major source of acne infections.

  • Purple colour light therapy helps individuals maintain a sense of “mind over matter” when dealing with chronic pain. It is often recommended for neurological pain caused by conditions like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. This colour slows down an overactive heart, and stimulates the spleen and white blood cells. It promotes a true sense of tranquility, reduces anxiety, and detoxifies.

  • This is the most common colour to be used in LED colour therapy. It uses the three primary colours (Red, Green, & Blue), making it easy to receive the benefits from all the colours used for colour therapy. Research has shown that white light can even increase vitamin D levels.