eDermaStamp Micro-needling

eDermaStamp® Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro-needling)

You can expect visible results in these areas:

Reduce Wrinkles • Tighten & Tone • Treat Scars & Stretch Marks • Improve Skin Texture • Thicken the Dermis

Benefit from clinically proven skin rejuvenation & repair

Micro-needling, also known as Collagen induction therapy (CIT), derma-rolling, or skin needling, is a  cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles (micro-needling the skin) and is one of the most successful treatments in combating the common concerns of aging skin. eDermaStamp® micro-needling therapy triggers the body's spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation and causing the formation of new collagen. This results in a thicker and more supple cellular matrix and visibly younger looking skin.

How does it work?

The eDermaStamp® causes minimally invasive precision micro-injuries of the epidermis and dermis, without causing open wounds or ablative damage. The puncturing channels close after a short time and these micro-injuries trigger the body’s wound healing cascade, which induces an increased collagen production in the treated skin. The eDermaStamp® triggers the construction of new tissue by stimulating healthy cell regeneration in precision-targeted areas that show the signs of aging. It effectively reduces wrinkles, tightens and thickens the skin, and – perhaps most impressively – fills and smooths scars.

Micro-needling - Treatment

1. Treatment

eDermaStamp®'s surgical-grade micro-needles reach beyond the epidermis into the dermis, causing pin-point bleeding and triggering the body's spontaneous healing response.

Micro-needling - Healing Cascade

2. Healing Cascade

Within minutes, the perforation channels close and the healing cascade starts, invading the area with collagen-producing fibroblasts and growth-promoting properties.

Micro-needling - Results

3. Younger Looking Skin

New organized collagen & elastin forms, bolstering from within, while the epidermis becomes thicker and  more supple, each time a treatment is performed.

Licensed by Health Canada

The eDermaStamp® is licensed by Health Canada. There are countless imitation products on the market that are not licensed by Health Canada so we recommend you do your research, to protect your health and safety.

Certified Medical-Grade Equipment

The eDermaStamp® is ISO13485 certified (certified medical device), meeting all standards for medical-grade equipment in manufacturing, materials, sterile packaging and more.

Safe Micro-Needles

The medical-grade micro-needles of the eDermaStamp® are non-traumatic and respect the integrity of the epidermis and dermis. Poorer quality devices have needles that slice through tissue and risk causing traumatic skin, vessel and nerve damage.

Optimal Needle Count

eDermaStamp® is proven to have the optimal number of needles to ensure safe and effective penetration of the epidermis and dermis. Too many needles will compromise both the safety and comfort of the treatment.

Micro-needling - Comparison

What results can I expect?

Micro-needling involves very little downtime, however it is very important to follow the post-care instructions from your technician and use the home care products provided and recommended. Not only will these products help protect the growth factors that stimulate your skin renewal, time will also benefit your results - so be patient!

  • dermaroller - treatment of wrinkles

    dermaroller - treatment of wrinkles

  • dermaroller - scar treatment

    dermaroller - scar treatment

  • dermaroller - acne scarring

    dermaroller - acne scarring

  • dermaroller - scarring

    dermaroller - scarring

  • dermaroller - treatment of scars

    dermaroller - treatment of scars

  • dermaroller - treatment of stretch marks

    dermaroller - treatment of stretch marks

Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles & sun damage with Dermaroller®.


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A formal consultation with one of our technicians will be required and, depending on the type of skin concern, different pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols (such as an OxyGeneo treatment) may be recommended. This consultation is provided complimentary and it will allow your esthetician to formulate a specific treatment protocol and provide you with a personalized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the eDermastamp® suitable for all skin tones?

A. Yes, the eDermastamp® is sutable for all skin tones.

Q. How does the eDermastamp® treatment feel?

A. When our recommended numbing cream is used prior to an eDermastamp® treatment, guests report a feeling similar to exfoliation. Without numbing cream, most guests report that the treatment is uncomfortable.

Q. How soon after treatment can I return to my regular daily activity?

A. eDermastamp® treatments are mildly invasive, leaving your skin flushed (looking much like a sunburn) for 24 - 36 hours. Some guests report tenderness while others report no discomfort whatsoever. Your activity is not hindered in any way but many guests feel more comfortable returning to their daily routine wearing a light mineral-based makeup. If possible, it is recommended to avoid makeup for 24 hours after the treatment. Guests report that post-treatment redness diminishes upon subsequent sessions.

Q. How many eDermastamp® sessions are recommended?

A. In general, 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart is recommended. With severe conditions, more treatments may be needed. A maintenance program of one treatment every 6 to 12 months is then suggested along with home care products.

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