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Famape™ for Men | 105 minutes | $209

Exclusive to Beauty Works, this treatment is perfect for those on a tight schedule. Famape™ (pronounced – Fa Ma’ Pay) stands for Facial/Manicure/Pedicure and includes the following services performed simultaneously: Men’s Skin Fitness Facial, Men’s Sport Manicure, Men’s Sport Pedicure.

Skin Fitness Facial | 75 minutes | $100

This is a deep cleansing treatment that purifies, balances and clears your complexion. Blackheads and dead cells are gently removed with the professional peeling process that respects the most delicate of skins. A regular “clean skin” treatment for all men’s skin of all ages, that will leave your complexion clearer, and facial features healthy and relaxed.

Power Moist Facial | 75 minutes | $110

The first signs of aging, and a lackluster appearance are often caused by a lack of hydration. If your skin is tight and pulls, this long lasting, deeply hydrating and conditioning treatment will leave you with smooth skin and a healthy glow. Excellent for dehydrated skin, and before and after exposure to the sun and UV rays.

Age-Defense Facial | 75 minutes | $120

Anti-wrinkle – Firming – Energizing. This advanced treatment is highly concentrated in natural products that act as a mini-lift. Your face feels new and your complexion regains its youthfulness. Recommended for all mature skins in a series of 4 treatments to really get your face to top condition.


Men’s Sport Manicure | 1/2 hr | $35

Men’s Sport Pedicure | 3/4 hr | $54

Hand or Foot Paraffin Treatment | 20 minutes  | $25

Paraffin add-on to manicure or pedicure | $16

Toe Nail Cut and File | for Seniors only 60+ | $28


Of course most other services at Beauty Works Spa are available for men. Click on the following links to review: Massage Services, Scrubs, Vichy Shower & Wraps, Medical Treatments for the Face, Medical Treatments for the Body, Tattoo Removal.


The most common areas for laser hair removal in men are: back, shoulders, face and chest.
Treatments are a safe, non-invasive, solution to unwanted hair on all body parts and any skin type, including ethnic and dark complexions. In an hour or less, you’ll begin to have smoother, sleeker skin. You can even resume your regular activities immediately following treatment. It’s that easy!

Since Beauty Works was Belleville’s first clinic to offer laser treatments in 2000, you can feel confident in our safety, experience and great results!

With the newest in revolutionary Gold Standard laser hair removal, the High Speed LightSheer DUET with vacuum assist technology provides extremely comfortable treatments. By dramatically increasing the spot size to 22mm x 33mm, this enables backs and complete legs to be treated in just 15 minutes. On average, 6 treatments can remove up to 85% of unwanted hair.

You can achieve the smooth skin you want, with no fuss. A highly concentrated beam of light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The hair is then vaporized, causing the hair follicle to break down and the regrowth of hair to stop or be severely diminished. Click here to view a video demonstration of the LightSheer DUET.

The most common areas for laser hair removal for men are: back, shoulders, face and chest

Treatments are a safe, non-invasive, long-term solution to unwanted hair on all body parts and any skin type, including ethnic and dark complexions. In an hour or less, you’ll begin to have smoother, sleeker skin. You can even resume your regular activities immediately following treatment. It’s that easy!


 Neck (front or back) $140.00
 Arms (full)$240.00
 Chest (full)$275.00
 Back (upper)$225.00
 Back (full)$400.00

* Price is per treatment and is based on booking a 6-laser treatment series. Ask your esthetician for single treatment pricing.

We offer complimentary consultations for Laser Hair Removal. Contact us to book your appointment.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal | 15-60 minutes | $23 – $63

Electrolysis is proven permanent hair removal which means you can remove any hair from any part of the body permanently. We use the Apilus Platinum which is the most up to date equipment for being effective and comfortable. Your technician uses a tiny probe which is slid in the follicle right beside the hair to the base of the follicle. The probe releases heat to cauterize the blood vessels and close up the follicle so a new hair will not grow back in again. The hair needs to be actively growing for this treatment to be permanent. Expect up to 20% regrowth from each treatment which would happen within 4 to 6 weeks.

Waxing leaves your skin soft and smooth for up to 6 weeks. You will need to grow your hair for 1 month before your appointment to make sure the wax can bind onto the hair for best results. Your technician will apply a warm wax in the direction of hair growth and remove it in the opposite direction, leaving skin soft and smooth. Waxing is our popular semi-permanent method for removal of unwanted hair. We use two different types of wax, both designed for their effectiveness on sensitive skin. Please inform us if you are using Accutane or Retin-A before waxing.

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Plan the perfect day away. Our Day Spa Packages include lunch, spa treatments and use of our facilities including eucalyptus steam room & infrared sauna & more.

We look forward to seeing you at Beauty Works Spa!

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