Permanent Makeup

Commonly called micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, permanent eyebrows are one of the most popular and requested cosmetics treatments today. Eyebrows hold the highest face value; they express our emotions more dramatically than any other facial feature, and draw attention to our eyes – our most universal way of communication.

Great Eyebrows = Improved Eye Contact = Better Communication; Science.


Are your eyebrows sparse due to over tweezing or a medical condition? Are you tired of applying eyebrow makeup every day? Permanent eyebrow makeup is a cosmetic makeup technique that uses pigmentation to enhance, alter and create artificial eyebrows. This procedure dates back to the 1930s, when it first became fashionable. The wonders of permanent makeup is that it is noticeable immediately, with the purpose of enhancing the overall features of the face. Results can replicate topically applied makeup, thus creating a natural result without the need to apply during your beauty routine anymore. Time is saved, and the tedious art of “drawing” in your eyebrows is eliminated. This relieves an immense amount of stress in the lives of people who are living with the consequence of alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, old age, disease, scars or vitiligo.

It is normal for the pigment to be darkest right after treatment, with a natural fade of the pigment after a few weeks. Touch ups to your new eyebrows is common, and is often a part of the process.


Creating the most natural colour to suit you best includes a strategic blend of pigment blends and needle configurations. During your initial visit for permanent makeup tattooing, Rhonda, our micropigmentation specialist, will assess your skin tone, hair colour, and personal desires when deciding on the best (and most natural) pigment for your eyebrows. Rhonda has an exceptional amount of practice in the art of micropigmentation and its various techniques including the ‘feather stroke’ method to create a feathered, 3D, natural brow.


The most important part of it all is the shape that is created during your procedure. First, the shape of your face is assessed and measured – yes, the most flattering eyebrow has specific measurements in relation to your facial shape. Specific measurements are made to determine where the start, end, arch and thickness of the eyebrow will be. We call this the ‘Golden Ratio’. Once this is determined, adjustments can easily be made to perfect the recipe of your best possible eyebrow shape.


How exciting! You now have the privilege of having perfect eyebrows with absolutely no effort. No more reapplying after going for swim, or purchasing eyebrow makeup every month to restock your eyebrow safety-box. You worry less because you have extra time for more important things (like coffee), and leave the gym without having to fuss in the mirror – because hey, your most important facial feature is ready to go whenever you are, so lets take care of them!

Upon leaving your appointment, your eyebrows may be tender and swollen. Ice packs applied to the area can help with swelling. You may also experience flaking, dryness and itching; aftercare balm is provided to apply everyday to encourage healthy healing, and to minimize these side effects.

Approximately two weeks following your treatment, limit any physical activity that will cause sweating, including saunas and swimming, as well as direct sunlight that may result in premature fading. For AT LEAST two (2) weeks, avoid using any cleanser on or around the eyebrow area. 


Touch ups are done within 3 months following your initial procedure, and may not be needed for everyone. 

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