Retinator is a collagen-rejuvenating night cream with Vitamins A & E, that helps reduce the depth of wrinkles, promote skin elasticity and stimulate tissue repair.

A Collagen-rejuvenating night cream with Vitamins A & E

Solutions for:

  • Tired skin
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Calluses on the skin
  • Mature skin

If you want to know more…

The Dermaroller® Retinator stimulates skin cell division and the regeneration of collagen, thanks to its high retinol concentration. The skin rejuvenates itself and remains youthful.

The Retinator contains the highest permissible concentration of Vitamin A (0.3% Retinol), hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, as well as an additional active ingredient complex, which increases the anti-inflammatory effect and improves the elasticity of the skin. Your complexion appears more youthful, fresher and firmer.

What else you need to know:

We recommend applying the Retinator before going to bed and to never apply it before sun exposure. The Retinator will give your skin more resilience, accelerate your skin’s regeneration process, reduce the depth of wrinkles, and promote skin elasticity.

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