Maskne Survival Kit – GM COLLIN


Wearing a mask is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and play havoc on your skin. Even people who have never had a problem with breakouts on their skin are contacting us and wonder what they can do about it.

We can help!

Step 1: GM Collin Puractive+ Mild Gel Cleanser – to remove all impurities on the surface while keeping skin feeling fresh and hydrated
Step 2: GM Collin Deep Cleansing Solution – to purify and help restore balance while removing buildup of excess sebum and dirt sitting on the surface of the skin
Step 3: GM Collin Phytoaromatic Gommage – to eliminate dead skin cells, refine the skin’s texture and promote a brighter clearer complexion
Step 4: GM Collin Charcoal Mask – to purify and revitalize the skin while illuminating a dull complexion to set you up for a next day of mask-wearing!