Roller Cleaner


Roller Cleaner

Keep your Home Care Roller by Dermaroller® clean with the Roller Cleaner. Regular hygienic maintenance will optimize the effectiveness of your roller.

What it is: Anti-bacterial cleaning spray for your Home Care Roller by Dermaroller® or Beauty Mouse

Solutions for:

  • Roller cleaning
  • Beauty Mouse cleaning
  • Bacteria elimination

If you want to know more…

It is especially important to clean the Home Care Roller by Dermaroller® or Beauty Mouse properly after finishing each treatment since this ensures hygienic use of the roller.

The Home Care Roller by Dermaroller® and the Beauty Mouse by Dermaroller® can be used by the same person several times since the microneedles only penetrate into the top skin layer.

However, thorough cleaning of the roller heads after every use is essential to ensure that it can be used later without concerns. Otherwise, a hygienic application cannot be assured and this could lead to skin irritations.

What else you need to know:

Dermaroller has developed the Roller Cleaner, especially for this purpose. This alcohol-free cleaner should be sprayed onto the roller head at various different angles to remove any skin scales or bacteria.

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