Time Resist Gift Set


RESIST time, RESIST aging

This Youth Activator duo is a precious ally for your skin: it provides it with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of external aging factors, thereby controlling the visible signs of aging. This powerful duo provides 24-hour skin care.

This gift set includes:

  • TIME RESIST CREME JOUR (Day) 50ml: Creme jour – Wrinkle Smoother – During the day, your skin faces a number of aggressions. It needs a cream that can protect it, whilst making it more beautiful. TIME RESIST Day Cream is enriched in filling spheres and hyaluronic acid, to smooth skin and restore its bounce.
  • TIME RESIST CREME NUIT (Night) 50ml: Creme nuit – Anti-Fatigue – Smoothing – At night, the skin’s metabolism is activated. It launches its restoring functions to fight the damage built up during the day. It is the best time for the skin to nourish, hydrate and replenish itself. Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts help replenish and re-energize your skin. For a fresh feel as soon as you wake up!
  • YON-KA Beach-style Bag