BBL Tight & Bright

What is BBL?

BBL, or broadband light technology utilizes the power of pulsed infrared light to deliver unprecedented results in photo-rejuvenation therapy. By selecting the appropriate wavelength or filter, your technician will be able to treat a broad range of skin conditions caused by skin aging and sun exposure. These treatments are most commonly done on the face and neck, but can also be used for many other areas on the body.

What is the Tight & Bright?

The Tight & Bright treatment consists of a photorejuvenation session followed by a skin tightening session. The photorejuvenation treatment will brighten the skin helping to even out pigmentation, taking away unsightly veins, brown spots, rosacea and sun-damage.

The tightening treatment promotes collagen to tighten skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Who can get BBL?

Anyone can get BBL as the treatments are be effective at any age, whether the damage is visible yet or not. If gotten at a younger age (late 20’s to 30’s), BBL treatments including the tight and bright can be used as a preventative measure to preserve bright and youthful looking skin.


As the broadband light is pulling out dark spots and evening the skins pigmentation, it is essential that sun exposure is limited.

In order for the treatment to work, you must have no sun exposure (no sunburn or suntan) for 3 weeks before and after treatments.

Treatment Plan

The tight and bright treatments are done in a series of 6, with 3 weeks in between. Each session takes just over an hour. On top of the initial series, maintenance appointments are recommended twice a year for optimum results and to prevent any other skin damaging effects.

Does it Hurt?

There can be some discomfort with the photorejuvenation treatment, however the skin tightening session is quite relaxing.



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